Social Security Disability Income

No one can predict future, so you must be prepared for everything in life. Disability is one of the biggest disaster that one could get in life. If a person is disabled from birth itself, he at least knows about his shortcoming and has the mindset to adjust to the fact. But, what worse could happen, if a person becomes disable later on in life. Suddenly, so much of pressure falls on you. The pressure includes financial worries too.

Social security disability income is a social security benefit for the person who has worked for last five years out of ten and has become disabled or handicapped. The disability could be of any kind like cognitive disabilities, physical disabilities, mental disabilities, visual disabilities or hearing disabilities. The eligibility for this income is that a person should have been disabled for past six months. And finally, to get income, your disability should stretch for at least 12 months. Once you prove that you are not able to work in your present job and also can't switch over to any other job then you can apply for this social security benefit.

If you are proved eligible to get social security disability income then every month you will get about 60 % of your monthly income. This will be very helpful for you to get financial support in the time of need. Even if your child is disable, he will also get disability income benefits. So, overall it is a very good source of income for those who don't have ancestral money to rely on at hard times.