Availing Social Security Disability Income

Social Security Disability Income, SSDI is for people who are disabled and can't do any income-generating work. There are two federal programs called Social Security Insurance and Supplemental Security Income Program which provide monetary assistance to the people with mental or physical disabilities. These monetary benefits are given to the family members of the disabled also, if they fulfill the condition of eligibility for the SSDI benefits.

The monetary income through social security benefits is paid on a monthly basis and the date of commencement depends on the date of birth of the disabled person. There is a provision of direct deposition of the amount in the bank account of the beneficiary. This provision has to be indicated or the beneficiaries need to sign-up for this. If done so, the amount will be directly deposited in a bank account. There is also a provision for an electronic transfer account, where one can enjoy the facility of automatic payment and transfer.

The amount of benefit also depends on the place where you reside, although the basic amount is about the same throughout the country. With effect from Jan 2006, an individual is paid $623 per month and for a couple the amount is $934. The difference in the amount is also because each state adds to the basic amount. Some states give supplemental income. But in some states you have to apply for the supplement at the state level. You are eligible for the benefit of income at the state level, even if you are receiving the benefit under the federal law.