Social Security Disability Income And You

The Social Security Program has been a part of the US since 1935 and since then it has been helping citizens in claiming disability benefits. There are mainly two programs under which the disability benefits are provided. One is called Social Security Disability Insurance and the other is called Supplemental Security Income. They are also referred to as the SSDI and the SSI respectively. The two programs are different in many aspects, yet they are administered and controlled by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

The Social Security Disability Income and the SSI are different in their eligibility and the degree of benefits provided. The SSDI is basically meant for those who have been permanently engaged in some work with the government or under a private employer and pay taxes to FICA. If they become disabled during their tenure of work in the office, then they are entitled to the Social Security Disability Income. This works like an insurance program where you pay premiums in the form of quarterly installments of taxes every fiscal year.

SSDI pays the amount as disability benefits to the concerned and his dependent family members based on the insured program. The benefits evaluated on the amount of Social Security Taxes paid till the disability struck. But mostly, it’s around 60% of your wages. Once you apply for the disability benefits, a disability planner will assist you in explaining all the types of the benefits that are available. The planner will explain every detail and conditions of eligibility and mode of payment of the benefits. The SSI is funded by the state itself from various funds. They are for those who are poor and disabled at the same time, for children under eighteen years of age who are disabled and people are destitute.