Social Security Disability Fraud

Social security disability fraud indicates the malpractice done to secure social security disability benefit without actually fulfilling the criteria for claiming such benefits. In other words, it implies the handiwork of a so-called “disabled” person who manipulates the application procedure to gain monetary income by showing fake certificates of disability. The federal government of America emphasizes the right of a disabled person and conforms to the notion that they should be given ample help and opportunity to live a normal life. There are laws governing the social security needs of the handicap people and there are benefits available for them on the basis of their disability. The procedure involved in this requires the medical certificate of the disabled to be ascertained, to ensure that the claimant is really disabled. But many times, some people develop a nexus with the doctors to give false information and fake disabilities to claim benefits.

In numerous cases it has been found that the disability is not severe enough to match the definition given by the ADA. Sometimes it also happens that a disabled individual gets well soon after he has been granted the SSI benefits but he conceals the truth and keeps receiving the amount. All these are termed as cases under disability fraud and are investigated to nail the real culprits.