Filing A Social Security Disability Claim

Social Security Disability claim is meant for those who are disabled and their disability is of such condition that it does not all allow them to do any productive work. Productive work here refers to work that can reward an individual in terms of wages or any other kind of financial security. The disability may be partial or total depending on the type of injury or disease that has caused it.

The term disability has a particular definition as instructed by the Social Security Administration. Only total disability is considered by the Disability Administration. In other words, an individual can claim for the SSI benefits only if he is totally disabled. Here disability means inability to work. Here work means the work you used to do during the last one year during the past 15 years and other work. The “other” work includes any other work besides your previous work that you had the capacity to do on the basis of your sex, age, or education. Moreover, you are eligible to file your claim if your disability continued at least for one year from the date you became disabled.

If you fulfill all these conditions, you can claim for the disability benefits. The claim is processed through the local security administration and its other divisions such as field offices, state agencies, and disability determination services. The claim can be filed online or you can approach your local Social Security Office which will facilitate you with the necessary information. The office will guide you about the initiation of the process. But there is a provision in the ADA that allows you to appoint a legal representative to argue in your favor. It is always advisable to file for benefits with the aid of a professional expert attorney.