Social Security Disability Claim

To get the social security benefits, you have to claim the benefits in the Social Security Administration. If you become disabled due to any reason like an illness or accident for sometime and cannot work, the state takes the responsibility to pay you the monthly benefits as per the Social Security Disability Insurance program. This is also called the SSDI. You get the benefits only when you make a social security disability claim. And you should always make it immediately after you become disabled, since it’s a long process. The benefits are awarded only from the first day of the fifth month, from the date applied.

Being an employee you pay taxes to the state and a part of your income acts as the premium of this insurance benefit. You get the credits paying the quarterly taxes to the fund of state disability. As per law, if you are suffering from any disability, you are eligible for the benefits from the state. The benefits promised are around 60% of your monthly income.

How to claim the disability benefits?
The process begins with making a call to the nearest administrative office for getting the appointment. In this call, you will be asked the nature of your disability and some other questions. Then, you will be called to the office on a due date for further interview and carry on the legal processes of social security disability claims. It is imperative to submit documents of a recent medical examination that will be evaluated by the doctors and supervisors of the state disability. Also, important is to furnish the numbers and address of your hospital and doctor under whom you are being treated. Sometimes the doctors of the state disability may for some special examination to further ascertain the extent of the disability.