Social Security Disability Bipolar

A psychiatric diagnostic disorder is called the bipolar disorder. Sometimes, it is also known as manic depression. People suffering from it are known for their constant mood swings. Other disorders are persistent feelings of anxiety, sadness, guilt or hopelessness, fatigue and loss of interest in daily activities, disturbances in appetite and sleep, among others. The person suffering from it goes in to a state of chronic depression. He is likely to suffer from a constant urge for suicide which, if left untreated, can lead to great amount of distress.

There is also unipolar disorder to differentiate from bipolar disorder. While, unipolar disorder is related to only depressive moods, bipolar disorder can have elevated moods as well. Bipolar disorder affects the normal functioning of brain in some people and in some other cases people suffer from cognitive disabilities as well. Social security disability bipolar is listed in the social security manual of ADA. A person claiming benefits on the se grounds has to fulfill certain criteria to become eligible like, they can not perform their last task anymore or simply other work.

To receive the benefits, it is important that keep records of your medical schedule. You also have to keep the record of history of your treatment with qualified physician, on a regular basis. In the Social Security Administrative level, your case will be categorized as that of a disabled or handicapped person with mental disabilities. They will decide whether you come under disability protection or not. Such a handicap or disabled person should at first obtain an application form and submit every information with honesty and sincerity. Only then you can expect to get social security disability bipolar benefit.