Social Security Disability Benefits Make It Easy

Social Security Disability Benefits refers to the financial benefits for the disabled person. Social Security Benefits are given by the Social Security Disability Administration under the federal government of America. It is paid through two different programs called Social Security Disability Insurance and the Supplemental Security Income Program.

Under the federal law, there is a specific definition of disability. A person who cannot work because he is in a medical condition which may last for at least one year or even result in death, is eligible to get paid from the Social Security. In some cases, family members of a disabled can also benefit from the Social Security.

A person has to pass two different tests to be eligible for the disability benefits. These two tests are – a recent work test, to calculate the age at which disability struck and second, a duration of work test to show that he has worked enough under the social security provisions. Certain blind workers are exempted from the first test.

You can apply for the Social Security Disability Benefits in two ways.
First, you can apply online. Second, you can set up an appointment with the local social security officer for filing the application.

While filling the Social Security Disability form, you need to give information such as Social Security Number, birth certificate, name, addresses and phone numbers of the attending physician, your lab results and work details. Also, needed are the consent of the physician and his enquiry. It is the SSDA that will decide if you are eligible for the disability benefits or not. It will be decided on the basis of some queries such as:

1. Is the individual working?
2. Can he do what he was doing before becoming disabled?
3. Is the individual in a severe medical condition?
4. Is the individual in the list of medical disabilities?
5. Can the individual do work other than what he was doing?