Social Security Disability Benefits Are For All

Certain criteria have to be fulfilled for qualifying for Social Security Disability Benefits. The disablement should be of such kind and severity that it hampers or prevents the person from earning his livelihood for at least a year. The disablement could be physiological, anatomical or psychological. Alternatively, if he does work during this year of disablement, he must be unable to earn beyond $900 per month. The impairment or impairments that have caused this condition have to be medically certified from his medical records. Individuals are also entitled to these benefits when due to the impairment they are unable to do other jobs similar in nature to what they were doing earlier. Different states have disability advocates to help with case evaluation and claims.

Social Security Disability Benefits could be in the form of cash payments. This cash payment amount may average to a monthly receipt of $900. This type of disability benefits include Social Security Disability Insurance under which fall benefits of Medicare and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) with Medicaid. Different states may have different names for these. One is entitled to benefits from either Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance or both.

Generally SSI is for those persons who are economically weak besides being disabled and unable to work. On the other hand, SSDI is for those individuals who though now disabled and unable to work, used to work previously or whose parents worked and have contributed to the Social Security trust fund. The average payment from SSDI is about $900 per month. Under SSI the maximum cash benefit amounts to $623 per month according to current rates. Many states supplement SSI if the cash benefits are increased.

If the Social Security Disability Benefit application is turned down, one can consider the following options: Ask for reconsideration by another body of judges; Ask for an administrative hearing; Ask for a review by an SSA Appeals Councilor or appeal to a US Federal District Court.