Social Security Disability Application

When to apply:

If you are unable to work normally and feel disabled now, you can apply for disability benefits. Generally, you are eligible to file the social security disability application the day after you stop working or the day after your earnings are less than $900 per month. The applicant should be sure that the impairment limits his capacity to work.

How to apply:

To apply for social security disability benefits is the first step towards claiming disability benefits. You have to simply inform the social security office nearest to the place you live that you wish to apply for claiming disability benefits. The other method to apply is filing for disability online. The method of approaching the social security office for initiating the social security disability application is considered to be better because of two way communication.

The screening process:

The social security office determines the status of your application that is whether it is eligible for social security disability, supplementary security income or in some cases concurrent social security disability claim when an individual's work history is eligible for receiving both.

The next step:

After you apply to the social security office claiming disability benefits, they will inform you when the interview is scheduled. Along with the date of interview the mode of conducting the interview is also told. The interview may be conducted personally at the social security office or it may be conducted telephonically, whichever is convenient. If the interview is conducted telephonically the necessary papers are sent to your home for the needful. Each case is handled by a claims representative who is a specialist in handling queries and paperwork. He forwards the social security ability application for medical decisions. The claim representative decides whether the benefits are to be drawn from social security disability insurance or supplemental social income.