Understanding Social Security Disability

The filing and evaluation of a disability claim with the Social Security Administration (SSA) is a complex process. There are a number of details and requirements that need to be fulfilled.

The entire process starts with filing your claim. It is further divided into a number of phases. The first phase starts in the local office of the SSA. Then there is an authority, which determines whether an individual fits the criteria under which disability benefits may be granted.

The requirements are complex and are of a medical and legal nature. There are a number of finer nuances none of which can be overlooked. If you are trying to avail SSA benefits, the first thing you have to do is to approach the disability office in your locality. You are required to fill up a form all fill and fill it up meticulously.

The chief authority holds the right to determine whether or not you are fit to avail social security benefits. All the details of your particular case are examined and verified by the authority. After that, your file is sent back to the local office and the process of implementation of the same is started. If there are any shortcomings in your case, you are denied the benefits.

The amount to be paid to you in the form of benefits is determined by the authorities. This is done based on the amount of money you earned when you were working in your full capacity. As soon as the amount to be paid to you is decided upon, the process of payment of the same starts in right earnest.

It is a programme funded through tax revenues. There are some fixed criteria. You will qualify for it only if you have worked for a definite period of time. To avail it, you should meet the requirements of disability as per the definition of the SSA.