Social Security Benefits For Developmentally Disabled

In USA many laws have been framed  to take lifetime care of the needs of the developmentally disableds. Social social security benefits offered buy thes laws include supplemental income, medical assistance, legal assistance, food stamps, gifts and various trust funds. The only thin needed is that the parents of the developmentally impaired child should about the various social security benefits schemes so that can avail of these opportunities.

Under the federal law those in whom developmental disabilities originated before the age of 22 are liable to get social security benefits given by the federal state provided that the child is married to another physically or mentally disabled child. Moreover the assistance also depend on the income of the parents of the beneficiary. If physically challenged child is employed the assistance will also depend on the amount he is getting in his salary and and the assistance will be cut if his salary crosses a certain limit. Inaddition to it benefits will also be reducede by his assets, or investment incomes.

Supplemental security income, another social security benefit provides cash income for the physically challenged individual. It is meant only for those who qualifies the financial eligibility test. But if he fails this test the benefits would cease. An individual having income more than $2000 and couple having more than $3000  are not considered elligible for the social security income benefits.

Developmentally challenged individuals are also provided with medical assistance and the elligibility is determined by the state which mary from one state to another. Free legal assistance and food provided by federal depend on the awareness of the parents or the victim himself if he does the minimum formalitiy prescribed for it. There are food stamps given by the state for disableds and the criteria varies from state to state. There are trust funds to meet the health and education expenditure of the beneficiary but it is always obligatory for the beneficiary to use it for the prescribed purpose. If the income from the trust fail to meet the requirements of the disabled, the state assistance going to him will continue. Sometimes trusts work just as aiding agency for the federal state.