People With Disabilities Need Empathy!

In order to deal with people with disabilities, the government has come up with a plan of establishing the Social Security Administration. The Social Security Administration caters to the interest of the disabled persons and their welfare through a variety of plans and activities. The benefits derived through its Social Security Disability Income and Supplemental Security Income accrues to many a people with disabilities.

The Social Security Administration has many devices and procedures in place which screen each and every case in detail to ascertain as to which benefit or benefits the applicant is actually entitled.

Besides the Social Security Administration, there are lots of other associations like the American Association of People with Disabilities with nearly ten thousand members who aid them in their endeavor to cater to children and adults with disabilities through their programs and policies.

The United Nations too within its ambit, is doing a great service for the needs of the people with disabilities. It held a convention on the rights of persons with disabilities in New York on 13th December 2006 in which it not only highlighted the rights and development of people with disabilities, but also laid stress on the need for involvement of the society in this noble cause. People with disabilities should be treated as a part of society, not only on the paper, but also in actual terms is the message of the UN convention.

The American President has also affirmed that people with disabilities are contributing constructively to the nation. In the past as well, several technology fairs which were held by various charitable organizations have demonstrated the availability of several technological services that can assist people with disabilities in performing varied tasks with ease.

It is necessary to respect the sentiments and sensibilities of the disabled populace and address them in a positive manner. Derogatory or negative words must never be used for them.

However, a lot still remains to be done in spite of technological and scientific advancements. The need to further communicate and socially mix with people with disabilities in an interactive manner still remains to be addressed. People with disabilities should never to looked upon due to their deformity. Spreading awareness on the need for a positive approach towards people with disabilities would go a long way in accepting them as an integral part of the society.