Information On Social Security Disability

People who have become disabled by any means are eligible for social security disability benefits from the federal government. They may be entitled to benefits under various programs. Unfortunately they are not aware of their rights and do not know how to determine if they are eligible for benefits. This situation needs to be addressed.

If you need information on social security disability, then there are three main sources that can be of help. The most easily accessible source is the internet.

George W. Bush issued an executive memorandum under which an online resource called was launched some time ago. The purpose of this website is to provide support to the disabled. The website provides information under various categories for the benefit of the disabled.

This online resource is managed by the US department of labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP). It works to uplift the disabled by working on issues such as civil rights, education, housing and employment that are the immediate concerns for the disabled people in the US.

In case your queries are of a nature that cannot be resolved by this online resource the next best option is to visit the SSA online. The SSA has a very well organized portal that provides answers to questions such as whether you are eligible for disability and the exact process of applying for disability. You can schedule an appointment at this portal at your nearest SSA office.

There are a number of lawyers and law firms that specialize in disability law. These firms provide free evaluation of your case. It is a very good idea to visit the offices of any of the disability law firms in your area in order to get more information on whether you are eligible for any benefits under disability law.