How To Apply Online For Disability Benefits

The United States government has taken various steps to make life easier for the disabled. It is working all the time to find newer ways to help and make support available to people with disabilities. One key area where the US government has been extremely active is ensuring online access to all disability related benefits to people who need them. It is now possible to apply for most of the disability benefits online.

There are different processes and requirements to be followed when applying online for disability benefits. The process applicable depends upon if the applicant is a minor or a legal adult i. e. if the age of the applicant is below 18 years or above 18 years.

Where the applicant is under 18 years
In cases where the applicant for disability benefit is under 18 years, it is strongly recommended that a legal adult person be present at the time of application. The process involves three major steps and requires that an application for Supplemental Security Income be filled along with a Child Disability Report. The Child Disability Report is needed to determine the actual level of disability in child and to determine the level of disability benefit that would be available to the child.

The first step of the process involves the Child Disability Starter Kit which is a reference manual about the Supplemental Security Income as is available to children with disability. In addition to this, the kit also includes a spreadsheet which is meant as a checklist to collect all the necessary information you will need. In the second step, the parents of disabled child are required to get in touch with social security department to check if their income levels fall in the SSI bracket. The third step is filling the Child Disability Report which also involves a permission of the child's doctor to tell US government about the disability of child. This information is used to determine the eligibility of child for social security income.

Where the applicant is above 18 years
The case of adult disability benefits involves filling up of two applications namely the application for Social Security Benefits as well as an Adult Disability Report. Both the forms can be completed online. The first step involves the applicant going through the Adult Disability Starter Kit. You will find answers to all major questions in the kit, along with a checklist of information that will be needed.

In the second step, the applicant is to fill an application for Social Security Benefits. Please note that this is not required in the cases where the applicant has never worked. Such applicant would be required to proceed to the next step directly, skipping step two. In the third step, you will be needed to fill an Adult Disability Report.

A confirmation number is given with which the applicant can track his application status.