How To Apply For Disability Benefits

The SSA (Social Security Administration) maintains a complete how to procedure online as a service to disability benefit applicants. It encourages disability benefit claimants to apply online for the grant of the stipulated monthly fiscal aid. Here is a quick guide on how to apply for disability claims.

Given that you satisfy all the eligibility criteria for the SSA to grant you disability benefits, you need to apply for disability benefits to the SSA at the earliest possible after the disability strikes you. The reason you need to apply at the earliest is that it takes about 3 to 5 months for the SSA to process your application.

Another aspect is that if you apply the soonest, any clarifications that the SSA needs to seek from you will also get completed at the earliest possible date. This will be beneficial for you as the fiscal aid that you desperately need to survive in the interim will be forthcoming much earlier.

See, basically you need to fill in a disability report along with your online application for disability benefits to the SSA. In the disability report you need to mention the specific medical condition because of which you have become totally disabled.

In case you find some of the details that you need to fill-in in the disability report or in the application form confusing, you can get help by contacting the Social Security office closest to your place of residence. The officers have years of experience in tracking disability benefit applicants’ cases.

Another aspect of meeting the officers will be that your application (as submitted by you based on their feedback) will be in line with the requirements of the SSA. The benefit of this to you will be in the form of earliest processing without any clarifications having to be sought by the SSA from you.

Please remember to include the requisite details about you in your application to the SSA. You need to mention your Social Security number and attach your birth certificate alongwith the application. The requisite details also include contact information in respect of the doctors, hospitals, clinics, and caseworkers who are involved in your care for the disability.

They will also include the name and quantum of the medication you are taking as part of the disability treatment by the doctors concerned. You will need to attach with the application the medical records from the health care providing institution and the doctors working there that you have in your possession. Besides this please do include all relevant test results and pathology lab reports with your application.

You need to include certain other details and documents with your application. The relevant details required by the SSA will include information about the place where you worked and the nature of the job that you performed for your employer. The relevant document will be a copy of your latest W-2 (Wage and Tax Statement) form or if you are self-employed, the income tax return for the past year.