Here Are 14 Impairments Covered Under Social Security Disability

Considering the scope of disabilities as defined by the medical science and the fact that Social Security system aims to cover all of these disabilities, the department has created a list of impairments for which these benefits can be procured. There are 14 types covered in the list which are as below.

1.    Musculoskeletal disorders are those which deal with problems in a joint or a bone. They may or may not be hereditary.
2.    Disorders related to special senses and speech are covered by SSA. People who are blind or mute are given special support.
3.    Problems related to respiratory system especially those related to lungs are included. Please note that if you smoke, this may impact your social security disability benefit.
4.    If you have problems related to heart or any other part of your cardiovascular system like arteries and veins, you are covered by SSA. Note that the coverage for cases where open heart surgery is required or where angioplasty is required may also be included under certain circumstances.
5.    Digestive system disorders like those causing inflammation in bowel, problems related to liver and gastrointestinal problems also come under the purview.
6.    Genitourinary Impairments which have led to or which may lead to chronic renal problems in future are also covered under disabilities.
7.    Hematological Disorders like anemia or any problems related to blood which do not come in cardiovascular system are included in the list by SSA.
8.    Coverage is also available for various skin disorders which may lead to loss of sensory perception of touch, burns of various degrees and photosensitivity disorders.
9.    Thyroid disorders and other problems related to endocrine system including but not limited to Hyperparathyroidism and Diabetes mellitus also figure on the SSA list.
10.    There are some impairments according to medical science which affect multiple body systems at once. They are also covered for by SSA.
11.    The scope for neurological disorders is widest. It includes epilepsy, brain tumors, disability of motor functions of the body. Even Traumatic brain injury and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis are included in the list.
12.    Certain mental disorders are also covered in the list. This includes social and interpersonal interaction disorders in some cases like problems related to concentration and episodes of decompensation. If there are problems related to daily life activities, they may also be covered.
13.    Problems related to HIV infection are covered under the Malignant Neoplastic Diseases section. Tumors with distant metastases also covered in this section.
14.    While technically not a disability, HIV positive status and AIDS are covered in the list under the section related to immunity system related problems.

All in all, the Social Security Administration has created a comprehensive list to ensure that no one in need gets left behind.