Get To Know About The Disability Application Process

Social Security Disability Insurance is an insurance programme of the US Federal Government, which provides economic and medical aid to persons crippled by disabilities. It includes social security disability and supplemental security income.

To apply for disability under social security, the condition must last for at least one year or result in demise of the disabled person. The disability should be serious enough to prevent the person from working full time and performing work; such as he/she could prior to the disability.

The disabled person should have worked for at least five out of the last ten years and paid social security taxes. He/she must be between 18 to 25 years of age and must have earned enough social security credits.

One must apply for disability as soon as the disability strikes. This is advisable as the process of application and sanction is usually very complex and it may be long before the benefits begin to flow in.

There are two ways to apply for disability. The disabled person may either apply online by visiting the website or do it telephonically. In the latter case, the person needs to make an appointment to file a disability claim at the local social security office or take an appointment for some one to take the claim over the telephone. The disability claims interview, which may be conducted over phone or face-to-face, lasts about an hour.

The application for social security benefits and disability report needs to be completed at the time of application. Besides this, the disabled individual also needs to provide his/her social security number, birth certificate, name, address and phone numbers of the doctors and hospitals visited, names and dosage of medicines, medical records, reports of medical tests, employer’s address and phone number, the kind of one’s work and a copy of the federal return or wage and tax statement.

In case the application gets denied, one should not reapply since new applications will be rejected again. Instead one may file an appeal or seek the aid of a disability lawyer, who can guide the case through the appeals process.

These guidelines and criteria to determine eligibility for social security benefits help the government agencies in sifting good faith and genuine claims from bad faith and fake claims. This is crucial to ensure that the benefits and privileges reach the right hands and not get wasted in the process.