Filing Social Security Disability For Sleep Apnea

In Greek, apnea means “without breath.” When a sleeping person is unable to move respiratory muscles for the time being and is unable to maintain an air flow through the nose and mouth, and breathing stops altogether, it means s/he is in a condition of sleep apnea.

You stop breathing for 10 to 30 seconds at a time. During your normal sleeping hours, this can happen not once, not twice, but 400 times!

You are passing through a period of restless sleeping hours and when you awake, you feel tired and exhausted.

This imbalance needs to be diagnosed well in time; otherwise strange and dangerous consequences are in the waiting.

Take for example, while conversing, you fall asleep. Well, you may fall asleep while driving as well! Undetected sleep apnea may lead to heart attack, high blood pressure, heart disease or even impotence!

According to the National Institute of Health, 12 million Americans are the victims of sleep apnea. Normally the disease is associated with people above forty, but it can attack people of any age group and even children.

Therefore it is imperative for you to apply for disability benefits or security benefits well in advance.

Applying For Disability Benefits

As far as filing application for disability benefits, the American Social Security Administration is very friendly to you. They provide mail, phone and in-person options for filing your claim. All that you have to do is to locate the nearest Social Security Office to you.

The first step is to fill up form No.3368 which is available on the official website. The ten paged form will seek all the information form you; the idea being to help you to the maximum extent possible. The Social Security Department should get clear picture about the state of your disability and how it interferes with your ability to work.

It is not that you get instant decisions. The decision is time-consuming. You will receive a Notice of Determination, once a decision is made. In case your claim is not considered in the first instance, you may file a written request for reconsideration within 60 days. If your claim is weak and if the Department finds the claim unfounded, your request for reconsideration may even be rejected.

It is not the end of the road for you. Now you move to Administrative Law Judge Hearing. This you do within 60 days of refusal of your reconsideration application. You, with your attorney or any authorized representative appear before the Judge. At this level, most of the rejected applications are favorably decided by the Judge.

If you feel that justice is still denied to you the road to seek further justice is long but really encouraging. You may move to the District Court and the Courts at the State Level.

Be on the move constantly, and don't sleep in between- this sleep may cost you dearly for your Social security disability payment month after month!