Filing For Social Security Disability

Social security basically has two aspects - Social Security Disability Income, SSDI and the Supplemental Security Income, SSI. Both of them are different in many aspects and take into consideration different things. The first is basically meant for those who have become disabled while in their working period of life, while the latter is meant for old-age and poor people. This SSI is basically for those without income and is disabled at the same time.

The filing of benefits under these two sections differs a lot. Since the first one is for the employed or self-employed and regular tax payers, it’s more sought after by the people and more common. One such common inquisition is the 'Filing Social Security Disability'. This means the right procedure for filing the Social Security Disability Benefits.

Filing for Social Security Disability will need the proper attention and right procedure or else the application can be rejected. The first thing to do is contact the nearest Social Security Administration for making an appointment. Once a request has been made, the officials will inquire the nature and cause of the disability and the category to which the application has to be filed. There are various age categories for the benefits which includes the time period of the work history and credits earned from taxes paid quarterly, annually. These things are to be furnished while filing the disability benefits. Then medical certificates from a doctor or hospital are submitted. These confirm the nature and term of the disability applied for. Also, the W-2 form and for the self-employed, the tax returns are to be submitted.