Filing Social Security Disability Is Not That Tough!

If you are suffering from a disability and are no longer in a position to work, you can file Social Security Disability claim. There are some eligibility conditions which you are supposed to fulfill. There are two ways you can apply for SSD benefits.

The first kind is online and second is the long traditional process consisting of some steps. There is an online Internet Application for the Disability Benefits. It can be used to apply for disability, retirement and for spouse’s claims. But you can't reapply online if your application has been already rejected. Moreover, Internet application can not be used in case of Supplemental Security Income Benefits, Children Disability Benefits, and Benefits for Spouse. It also excludes deaths or medical payment.

You can also apply through your local security office. For this, you will have to locate the social security office. Social security offices have toll free number which can be used to collect information regarding the SSI benefit application. For those who are deaf, there is a separate number. You can also ask for more details through e-mail. Social security disability form has a particular format. While filling the form, you should be cautious because it requires lots of information such as you date of birth, name, work place and work experience. They also ask the names, addresses and contact numbers of the doctors you have consulted. In addition to it, you have to mention your medical status approved by a doctor also.

Filing the disability claim is the very first step and you have to be alert because if your application is rejected, your chances of obtaining the SSI benefits become very bleak. This is because there is no guarantee that your form will be accepted for reconsideration. You can take legal assistance by appointing a representative as you are authorized to take help of a legal representative.