Fibromyalgia Disability Can Also Be Faked!

Since the Fibromyalgia Disability is very complex, the medicos and the Social Security government officials are very much confused over the finalization of Fibromyalgia disability benefit claims. Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain suffered by people due to rheumatoid problems, though, there may or may not be any physical deformity related to it.

Often people suffering from Fibromyalgia insist that they are incapable of doing work and complain of chronic pain which results in them not doing any work. They term themselves disabled and claim disability rights and also sue their insurance companies for not providing them any financial aid.

Rheumatologists when asked to confirm disability in case of Fibromyalgia, are unable to pinpoint the exact cause and if the person is really incapable of working They cannot access the core problem and as a result, cannot distinguish between FM patients, who are disabled ones and who are fit?

Mostly, it is ascertained that disability benefit claimed by Fibromyalgia patients is only a perception that they have. That is they feel that they cannot do any work. On the other hand there are many Fibromyalgia patients who are working willingly though they suffer from chronic pain. There are many other doubts pertaining to the disease that cannot be cleared off.

To get to the bottom of Fibromyalgia, Understand that the pain is all about subjective sensation and it cannot be detected by any medical related equipment. So, if a person shouts or cries in pain, the doctors too run panic. And you cannot know for sure if the person is faking illness and is just finding ways to leave the stressful job and get the benefits to live a care free life.

Secondly, the doctors fear to give their consent- what if they are really feeling the pain and they fear giving negative certificates clarifying that the patient has no disability at all. Again, a person may be just pretending to be disabled and is actually fit.

Thus, there are several factors which should be kept in mind while finalizing these claims of Fibromyalgia. It needs to determine the degree of dysfunction rather than the degree of pain. Behavioral and psychological issues must be properly studied and thoughtful evaluation is necessary to determine the disability in Fibromyalgia patients.