Every Disabled Is Entitled To Disability Benefits!

Sometimes people wonder why there are so many benefits for disabled people and not for commoners. To justify the disable people’s claim over the benefits, there is one famous saying which is enough to silence its critics-  “In times of prosperity, there are friends twenty but in times of adversity not one in twenty”. Whether you accept it or not but it is an established fact that in times of adversity, everyone leaves you to fend for yourself and you alone manage things for yourself.

Anyway, the situation with disabled people is different altogether because in a difficult situation you can change yourself and get out of the situation after working hard but these handicap people are not able to do this for themselves. Therefore, so many social securities are made available for the handicapped people.

All mentally or physically handicap, retired, living under the poverty line, are entitled to the disability benefits. To assist disable people, there are two major programs- social security and supplemental security program. These two are the largest programs that provide income for the disabled people. However, both the programs are different in nature. These programs are run by social security administration. Anyone who is handicap and qualifies the criteria for benefits can go about these programs given below-

Common Security Disability Insurance- It is a security protection program for common people and is good to make one’s future secure. Now, you must be wondering why we are recommending you to go for this program and why this program is required for a man who is not handicap. Statistics show that a 20-year-old employed has a 3-in-10 possibility of becoming handicap before he reaches his retirement age.

Supplement Security Income- It is a national income that is funded by the social security taxes. This income is used to provide cash to the aged, blind and disable people to meet their basic needs.