Do Not Fear Disability!

Disability could afflict anyone, at any time. To safeguard the interests of such disabled persons, Social security disability management team works for their betterment to get some plans in action.

The social security defines disability as inability to work in totality. The persons eligible as ‘disable’ under this plan are not able to gainfully engage in any profession due to their physical or mental impairment. The impairment has to be so severe that it is expected to last a continuous period of not less than 12 months or finally result in the death of the person.

Any person who is insured under the social security disability insurance plan can apply for these benefits. The person can apply for insurance claim by personally visiting the office or contacting through phone. But, it is advised not to get carried away by the word from social security officials. It is better to take information from disability lawyers too!

The social security disability benefit insurance can be applied on the very same day the person becomes disabled. But, it has been noticed that majority (almost 70 percent) of first time disability claims tend to be rejected because of some information or the other insufficiently supplied along with the application. In case of denial, appeal again within 60 days of getting the receipt. Make sure to suitably present all the information needed by social security officials and build a strong case in your favor.

Individuals filing for benefit under social security disability should provide true and honest information. The complete information regarding the cause of disability speeds up the process of gaining the benefit. An experienced disability lawyer comes handy at such times. They help to build the case, develop proper case strategy, and obtain complete medical records needed and vital opinions from the concerned doctor. This maximizes the chances of the case getting settled in the favor of the claimant who would keep receiving the benefits till his medical state has not improved.