Disability Benefits For One And All

Who is entitled to disability benefits?

If you consider yourself unable to carry out a gainful activity which you were carrying out before due to major body impairment or malfunctioning of a body system or a body part, you can apply for disability benefits. Generally, when a person can no longer carry out a substantial gainful activity due to the physical or mental impairment that is expected to last for a certain period of time say 12 months or is fatal in nature, that person can be considered for disability benefits. The social security act and related regulations, rules, case-studies etc. are used to establish the disability of a person.

How to go about it:

Help can be taken from the nearest social security office. Specific documents have to be submitted for availing disability benefits. These documents are related to personal details like name, address, marital status etc. and the details of the impairment, how they incapacitate the person, cause, symptoms, and treatment along with their clinic, hospital and address, phone no. etc. Legal help can also be sought.

What kind of benefits can be got?

Disability benefits could be allowances, benefits, services, grants, tax-exemptions, funds, pension schemes, passes, damage payment etc. Allowances include disability living allowance, attendance allowance for aged, student allowance, severe disablement allowance etc. Incapacity benefits and industry injuries benefit are also given. Grants are given for community care, war disabled etc. Direct payment for care and services are also made. Tax exemptions are also given. It is advised to seek the services of a social security disability attorney for claiming disability benefits.