Disability Benefit

Disability benefit is what a disabled or handicapped person gets from the government or other organizations. These benefits secure the future of a disabled person. There are many living allowances, pensions, disability services, disability insurance, disability law, disability rights, income and other benefits that give social security to the person suffering from life long disability or short term disability.

Disability living allowance is a benefit that provides financial help to people who are physically disable or mentally disable. It is a tax free disability benefit. This benefit provides help to both children and adults. People under age of 65 can claim for this allowance. The money, every month gets directly transferred to your account. You can make someone else also collect your allowance.

There are many disability pensions that also provide financial help to disable people. There are also pensions running for old age people and financially weak people. In the same way, government of many countries provide pensions to disabled people.

There is disability insurance that provides special facilities to those who became disable later on in there life. If people who are employed become disabled then it leads to imbalance of budget in house. To deal with the short term or long term disability, you can claim your insurance. If you are medically able to prove that you are not fit to work then you will get about 60 % of your income.

Then there are many special disability benefits for disabled students, people who had become disabled in a war. The special benefits include reservation in educational institutions and jobs. There are many disability laws and disability protection act that give full support to people who are physically or mentally disabled.