Claiming Social Security Disability Benefits

You can claim your social security disability benefits if you get disabled. Disability is defined as a condition when you are not able to perform on a regular job for at least a period of one year, due to some physical, mental or emotional problem, or a combination of these three. A doctor should certify that you are disabled based on clinical and laboratory findings. Once all these formalities are done, you can file social security disability claim for yourself.

To claim, you'll have to call the Social Security Office to inform them. As soon as you'll inform them, you'll be given an appointment and called for an interview. The interview could be organized either at the social security office or over the phone, according to your own convenience.

A claim representative will be assigned to your case by the social security office to provide answers to all of your queries and to handle the paperwork and documentation needed to send your claim to the DDS (Disability Determination Services). DDS has the final say on the case based on pure medical grounds.

This claim representative will also help you determine the type of disability program you are eligible for. It will enable you to draw your ongoing and past due benefits. These benefits can be drawn from either the social security disability fund or the supplemental security income. A person's eligibility in a program is determined on the basis of the individual’s work history. But, it is not done this way in case of children.

A concurrent social security disability claim is given to some people under which they are eligible to receive benefits. Usually, it happens in a case when an individual is made eligible for SSD based on his work history.

Some people ask what is concurrent disability claim? Actually, it is provided to ensure that a minimum benefit amount is given out to the claimant.

The procedure for claims begins by filing in person at your local SS office, or via telephone. If your claim is denied at any stage, and you don’t appeal, your claim gets dismissed. Then you need to start all over again.

You should appeal the denial if you think your claim is legitimate within 60 days.