Availing Social Security Benefits

The provision of social security disability benefits reflects the liability of the government towards the physically and mentally impaired individuals of the workforce. If a certain person is unable to continue working as a consequence of disability, the individual is entitled to monetary assistance from the government.

The system is a very elaborate one. Every individual who has a genuine disability claim can  avail the benefits.

The authorities abide by the clear dictates of the Social Security Act in the matter of apportioning benefits to individuals eligible for these benefits. The act defines disability as inability to be engaged in gainful activities due to physical or mental impairment, which can lead to death or at least continue for not less than 12 months at a stretch.

These benefits may be awarded in a number of forms. The most popular among them is the disability insurance benefit. This benefit is meant for people who have worked for a definite period of time, and have become disabled.

Benefits to widows or widowers are given to those who are at least 50 years of age and have become disabled after a certain amount of time from the death of the wife or the husband.

Disabled adult child benefit is aimed at helping children of the people availing security benefits. An important condition is that the child must be disabled before the completion of 22 years of age. SSI child disability benefits are paid to the disabled children below 18 years.

For all of the benefit schemes mentioned above, the basic procedure is the same. A person has to file a claim by filling up an application and submitting it with the relevant office. There are actually two ways of filing a claim. One is by visiting the office personally and the other is by filing the claim online. It is also possible to obtain support over the telephone.

The department  thoroughly examines your claim in order to determine whether or not you are eligible to avail the security benefits. In the process, many things are looked into such as the extent of disability and previous income records. Once they have determined in your favor, the process of payment of benefits begins.