Am I Eligible for SSI Benefits

Supplemental Security Income is a key support program for the socially disadvantaged members of the community of United States. It is administered by the United States Social Security Administration and is funded by the United States Treasury. For the people who are physically challenged, this is a very good program. Multiple eligibility criteria have been laid down to determine who should be getting these benefits. Key criteria have been discussed below.

* Such person should have attained or crossed the age of 65 or should be blind or should be disabled.
* Such person should be the legal resident of any of US territories or of military parents stationed abroad.
* Such person should not have income exceeding certain defined limits.
* Such person should have duly applied to get the benefits of this scheme.

In addition to this if the applicant has any pending arrest warrants, he will be disqualified.

Disability Condition
In order to be considered eligible, the person should be disabled according to the general definition of disability as used by United States Social Security Administration. The regulations state that such person may be considered disabled as is not in the position of getting into any SGA (Substantially Gainful Activity) for not less then a period of 12 months at a stretch.

It must be understood that not being able to be employed does not consider just the current employment of the person but any opportunity in which the said person considering his age, education and overall work experience would have involved in. It does not matter if any such opportunity is available in the residential vicinity of such physically challenged person or if such a position is open or if there is a possibility that the physically challenged person would have secured the position should he apply for it.

Substantially Gainful Activity
As of year 2008, in order to be considered involved in a Substantially Gainful Activity, the person must be earning a gross income of not less then $940. Where the person becomes visually handicapped the said limit is raised to $1570 which increases the scope of applications which may be considered eligible.

For minors
It must be understood that since children below 18 are not allowed to work but such disabled children are nonetheless eligible for SSI, SSA has to follow different criteria. In the case of disabled children such handicap must be medically determinable and must cause a severe degree of functional limitation. It is required that such condition should last for not less then 12 months at a stretch. It might also be required that the disability is of such proportions as may turn fatal.

Truly the Supplemental Security income has been designed to be the most beneficial to the most needy.