State Disability Insurance Is A Short Term Program!

There are basically two programs under which a disabled person can get the benefits from the federal state. One is called Social Security Disability Insurance and the other is called Supplemental Security Income. Although, the two programs are very much different in many ways, they are administered and controlled by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Both the programs are run across the country and funded by the national treasure.

There is yet another program called State Disability Insurance (SDI) which is funded by the local state treasure. Though all the states are not obliged to follow this program, California has been the pioneer in this disability insurance program.

The State Disability Insurance is a short term disability benefit that starts from the eighth day you became disabled and expires after 52 weeks. The benefits come from the state, funded by the taxes paid by the employees or the employers as SDI tax from their salaries. Thus, the tax you paying as SDI tax is actually a kind of an insurance policy as future security in case of some mishap.

Under this State disability insurance, a person is paid 55 percent of his weekly average wage as his income. During the time of disability, this fund can be of great help to those who have smaller savings. This financial assistance will help them go for treatment and meet other necessary expenses as well.

It’s one of the best disability insurance programs from the state and they are unlike the private insurance companies where the chances of rejection of the promised claims are comparatively a lot higher. The state is liable to pay you your deserved rights. All you need to do is furnish the required documents properly. Remember, it’s a short term disability program and if your disability is of long term, you cannot apply for this.