Some Faqs On Short-Term Disability Plans- Part 2

Here are some other FAQs related to Short Term Disability Plans.

Who is eligible to receive benefits under the STD plan?
To receive benefits under the STD plan, a person must have worked for at least 17.5 hours a week for a minimum of one year.

Does STD provide cover to the dependent spouse or child?
No. STD plan is designed only to protect the income of working member who has signed up for the insurance. The cover, unlike SSDI, dos not extend to dependent family members, like a dependent child or spouse.

How is the premium for STD calculated?
Premium for STD is calculated after taking into consideration the person’s age and salary. The rates are also determined by the claim ratio and often change on a yearly basis.

Who qualifies for STD?
A person who is diagnosed as being medically unfit to continue his/her normal work-related tasks qualifies for STD. In case of group insurance, the company’s in-house doctor may conduct a medical examination to assess the fitness of a person. Maternity leave is also covered under the STD.

Apart from a medical test, a person should also fulfill the number of hours of work put in for at least one year, to qualify for STD benefits.

What is the procedure to secure a claim under STD?
Another very common and frequently asked question about short-term disability is the process of securing a claim under the provisions of the STD plan.

To file for a claim under STD, an employee must obtain a benefits application from the Benefits Division and submit a written application for short-term disability continued income. The application is reviewed and on the basis of the information furnished and the results of the review, the claim is either granted or rejected.

In case of an initial application being rejected, a person may file an appeal to the Plan Administrator and request for a re-consideration of the case.

In case the claim is granted, there is an interim waiting period while the application is reviewed and it is ascertained whether the claim is genuine or not. Normally, it may take a while for the benefits to flow in.