Short Term Disability Policy

If you look at the statistics  of  Americans who have suffered from any kind of short term disability in the past few years, you will definitely realize that a policy to guard you against short term disability is very necessary.

Today you are working, fit and fine and all of a sudden you will find yourself bedridden for a month on account of an illness or an injury. If you have a short term policy the fallout of something like this happening will not bother you.

You will be paid compensation as per the norms laid out in the short term disability policy.

Usually self employed individuals opt for short term policies as they are most likely to be hit in case a short term disability takes place.

The possibility of having a short term disability always exists as you may fall ill or may have to take leave  on account of a pregnancy or family related health condition. And in such situations your policies provide you with adequate compensation during the period that you are bedridden and can’t work.

Both employers and  private insurance companies provide you with facilities to compensate you during short term disability.. For the welfare of the employees almost 90% of  employers provide the facilities of short term disability policy to the employees.  These policies are based on the number of years that the employees have worked and the premium they pay to the fund for this kind of benefit.

Most employers offer 55-60% of the employee’s basic salary as compensation, during the time period that the employee is disabled.  Under all circumstances an employee is assured a minimum of $250 per week.

The private insurance policies also have short term disability insurance programs. Some of the programs offer  80-90% of an employee’s monthly salary as compensation during disability period. Such policies usually have a high premium. The bigger the apple the larger  the cut!