Short-Term Disability Insurance

What can reduce your stress when you become disabled for a certain period of time? This could last for sometime and you would be unable to earn anything? There would be nothing better than disability benefits from a short-term disability insurance program. Disability insurance policies are best suited for everyone and one can rely on them.

The American Council of Insurances has found out that most of the Americans between 35 and 65, suffer from short-term disability of some kind due to illness or some minor or major accidents. Most of them have a tough time getting the social security benefits. But with the flexibility and easy access to disability insurance plans, people find it quite easy to get benefits from companies.

The most popular form of disability insurances is the short-term disability insurance. Under this plan, you get the benefits from the fourteenth day of your illness or mishap and get it till you’re back to work. The benefits are generally 60% of your income every month.

There are basically two types of short-term disability insurance plans - Group STD and Individual STD.

STD (Short-term disability)

The average premium of the group STD is $ 144 to $ 160. There are some group STD policies which don't even require medical examinations. Though the policy promises to start your income and coverage from the fourteenth day, yet it will depend on your condition and the kind of disability. If you meet an accident and become disabled, the benefits start rather quickly. While if you are disabled due to sickness, the benefits may take some time to get started. The individual policy is rare and it may not have some facilities like the group policy.