Questions And Answers About Short-Term Disability

There are many short-term disability benefits and the policies depend a lot on the condition and kind of disability as well as the insurance company. If you are working, there are different questions asked about short-term disability. These discussions are obvious, since there are so many insurance companies with various policies and various conditions attached to an insurance plan.

Q. What is the insurance cover period of short-term disability?
The short-term disability starts on various days depending on the nature of the disability. If it’s an accident, it starts from the very next day, but if it is an illness, it usually starts on the eighth day from the date of confirmation of sickness. The short-term disability insurance covers a period of 12 weeks or 90 days. There are some short-term insurance plans from some companies that cover a period of 18 weeks or 135 days.

Q. What’s the minimum premium for short-term disability?
Though it depends on the policy and the facilities you demand from them, yet the least price of each premium varies from $140 to $165 for private insurance policies. For the SDI, it depends on your salary and a calculation is dome by the accounts branch for a deduction from your salary.

Q. Which is the most favorable short-term disability?
Group short-term disability policy is the most favorite policy among the employees. That’s because to get the benefits, you need not furnish medical certificates and it’s a guaranteed income for short-term disability of any kind. Again, on this policy, you are entitled to receive retrospective benefits, meaning if the condition worsens after the time period of the benefits there is a provision for extension of benefits.