Individual Short Term Disability Insurance Will Help You In Hardships!

Disability, no matter what sort of, be it injury, sickness, any physical, or mental impairment, prevents the individual from pursuing his job. This leads to loss of income resulting in a hard-hitting life, especially financially. On the other hand, the person starts to feel very low in life.

Any disability can bring in loss of not only income but also the savings, retirement funds and in extreme cases, home. The idea behind the short-term disability insurance is to make available a part of income for the disabled to support his family.

Any disability that makes a person unable to work which is non-work related should be covered under the plan to ensure its eligibility for disability benefit. There are many agencies which offer individual short term disability insurance and services directly or through some of their agents and offices.

The individual short term disability insurance can be purchased by individuals who are either self-employed or are working but not covered by any insurance plan from their employer. Besides, even the employed that are covered under group insurance policy can opt for individual disability insurance as a supplementary plan.

The short term disability insurance generally offers 60 percent of the income earned, before disability. The additional individual short term disability insurance will provide extra 10-20 percent of the income. This will prove as an added help in such situations of financial need.

Also, individual short term disability insurance plan is better as it stays valid even if the person switches from one job to another. Another benefit is that the individual can sue if the insurance company denies or delays the benefits.

Purchasing individual insurance plan can sometimes be expensive and risky too. The main areas of concern that decide the premium are- one's age, amount of coverage, gender, occupation and health status. The individual short term disability plans are available with many options: such as partial disability benefit, higher levels of disability benefit and alike. Go for such a plan that suits you the best!