Government Assistance For Short Term Disability

Short term disability leave is of a duration of a minimum of 12 and a maximum of  26 weeks.  The reasons for the leave can be illness, accident, injury or pregnancy or any other similar reason due to which you are not able to work.  Approximately 60 to 70 % of ones salary is paid during such a leave. It is paid from the employer’s   group disability insurance or from the Social security disability income.

Many people also buy individual short term disability policies from  private insurance companies.

The government provides a short term disability and a long term disability program. The percentage of people seeking short term disability is much higher than those seeking long term disability compensation as short term disabilities are more common than long term disabilities

Let us see how the federal government provides short term disability benefits.

The Federal Government  has framed laws under which every employer, organization, or service body must have disability plans to help people when they suffer from a short term disability on account of unavoidable  circumstances.

The employers pay benefits to the  people with short term disabilities based on their tenure of work, salary and the premium paid to the disability fund of the organization.

The Federal Government provides relief for short term disabilities in the form of social security benefits from state disability funds. This is in the form of Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI.

The third form of help is from the judicial wing of the government. This wing assists an individual to claim short term disability benefit from a private insurance company which has entered into a contract with the individual and has denied him the benefits of the insurance policy.