Understanding Learning Disabilities And ADHD- Don’t Leave The Child To Fend For Him

It is high time that the parents need to understand ADHD [attention deficit hyperactive disorder] or ADD[attention deficit disorder] for the sake of their children and they can help them in trouble specially when the child is most suffering from it. The child loses to pay attention due to ADHD and act in a strange way without any proper reason.

The child with ADHD becomes hyperactive and gets very easily bored, does limited task. He loses interest and gets fed up in very little time. It is good to promote the interests of the child. Take care that the child should not be made to jump from task to task as this will make him irresponsible. You need to understand the impulsive behavior of the child as it would make the child to act in an inappropriate way. The adrenaline hormones C9-C13 are responsible for sympathomimetic reaction. Also see other areas to find the cause of disability that may include special education.

Some wrong educational programs prevent child to maintain level of reading. The teacher sometimes gets too hard on the child and forces him to learn fractions which do not interest him. It is not necessary that child follows every technique of the teacher irrespective of it being interested or dull. It is in the interest of the child to let him move ahead and do not stop him. I myself faced such a problem in a speech therapy class in my childhood and went in depression for long. The reason was that I thought that I cannot speak English properly, though, that later proved wrong. I moved on with time and got job in publishing house. I edited a lot of books for the publisher and later became English instructor in local college in Texas. My ability and understanding exceeded beyond limits. Most of my colleagues found it difficult to compete with me and complimented me that my English was quite excellent. Despite having learning disabilities in childhood, I excelled in life.