Take A Look At Some Types Of Learning Disabilities

Amongst  the different disabilities that children may suffer from, learning and cognitive disabilities are the most critical ones and are often not noticed until children start schooling.

Such disabilities impediment the learning process and place the affected children at a significant disadvantage compared to others.

There are some types of learning disabilities that are not of a very complex nature. For example, a child may find it easy to read and write but nay have to struggle with math. There are children who can express themselves wonderfully through drawing or painting but may find it difficult to write.

These disabilities are simple in nature and can be tackled by providing children with special attention and teaching them using audio visual aids with plenty of examples so that the children can relate to the concepts.

However, children who have profound learning disabilities require may require special schools or programs and teachers who are qualified to educate such children. Family, doctors and teachers each have their ole to play in educating or training such children.

Let us take a look at some types of learning disabilities that are very common among children:

Dyscalculia: This is a type of learning difficulty characterized by the inability to understand and work with numbers and mathematics.

Dysgraphia: People who suffer from this learning disability are incapable of forming letters or words and to express themselves by writing.

Dyslexia: This learning disability results in a reduced capability to read and understand written information.

Cognitive Disorganization: A child with such a disability cannot think in an ordered or logical form. Such children may reach conclusions without proper reasoning or incremental thinking.

Dyspraxia: This disability results in a child developing co-ordination and movement problems because the brain is not able to direct the muscles to carry out a particular task.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): This is a condition characterized by the child’s inability to concentrate on one task at a time and to be hyperactive and impulsive.

Similarly, there are a number of learning difficulties that may either be congenital or develop during earl y childhood.