Nonverbal Learning Disability- The Hidden Evil

Nonverbal learning disability is of a different type. This may not be an all encompassing phenomenon, which means that all the faculties of the concerned person may not be affected simultaneously. We often come across children whose intelligence is normal, yet their performance in the field of academics is not satisfactory. Chances are that they might be suffering from this type of disability.

It is basically a learning disorder which affects the person in the childhood itself and hampers his complete process of development. The harm is seen in a multitude of domains. But, the most significant effect is seen in the motor functions of a child. This form of disability impedes the fundamental learning procedure of the person afflicted.

As an effect of the improper functioning of the motor functions, the afflicted person fails to recognize the things that he sets his eyes upon. Even though sometimes he may recognize the thing he had once seen, he can not place the particular thing in the proper perspective. Mathematics and reasoning abilities are the most salient victims of this malady. The afflicted person fails to cope even with basic math and reasoning problems.

This type of disability is not easy to detect as the affected person may have quite normal conversation skills. When we see children, we do not normally look beyond the way they talk. But, beneath the seemingly normal veneer, these children can very much be NLD affected.

People suffering from it are unable to grasp the meaning of what is being said. It may appear to normal people that the affected people are also actively taking part in a specific conversation. But, they usually miss the real meaning and the significance of the conversation. Also, they fail to rightly understand the facial expressions. Also, some of such children may be good readers but they can not do well in the tests because of their inability to write well