Long-Term Disability Claim- A Complex And Lengthy Process

People often think of getting an insurance done for their home, car, personal belongings and even to safeguard themselves against any medical contingencies. However, the fact that a regular flow of income is required to sustain all these covers is often overlooked. However, in the absence of a steady flow of income, a person cannot even support his/her family, leave alone providing for insurance covers.

For this reason, it is important to protect one’s income. Such protection is available under disability insurance which seeks to provide a fixed income in case the policyholder becomes disabled. Disability may be short-term, long-term or even permanent.

Long-term disability insurance is applicable in cases where disability- physical or mental or both, has lasted or is expected to last for at least one year, or may even result in death.
In such a scheme, a fixed sum is provided on a monthly basis to help the disabled person support himself and his family.

In countries like U.S, U.K., Canada and Australia, there are various programs designed to help workers who are disabled and thus unable to work. In these countries, such welfare schemes are run by the state and supported by contributions from both the employer and the employee.

To obtain a long-term disability insurance claim, the disabled person has to initiate the claim. He/she submits claim documents, which include claim form, the disabled person’s disability insurance policy number, birth certificate, examining physician’s statement, name, address and contact details of the employer, names of medicines and test results.In case of mental disability, the examining psychiatrist’s report is also required.

All these documents are sent to the concerned department, which reviews and cross-examines the medical information provided by the applicant. The claim gets approved if the reviewing department feels that it is a genuine claim and the documents are in order and supported by proper evidences and proofs. Documentation needs to be submitted to the concerned authorities from time to time to ensure that the person receiving the long-term disability insurance claim is disabled and thus eligible to continue receiving the benefits.

However, settling a long-term disability insurance claim is usually a complex and lengthy process, which can drag on for several months. In fact, the chances of an outright denial are also very high. In case of an initial denial, the disabled person can approach the court of law and file an appeal.

Often with professional assistance, these claims can be won over with ease. Legal intervention can help the disabled person get benefits, which he/she is entitled to under the long-term disability insurance.