Dyslexia: Is The World Over For This child?

There are several learning disabilities which can afflict a prematurely born child or the one who has suffered from a medical problem soon after the birth. Of all the specific learning disabilities, dyslexia is the most common one.

Dyslexia is a learning disorder in which a child faces problems while writing and reading. Such children have an under-developed reading and writing capabilities. For, dyslexia is predominantly a neurological disorder related to the brain. Due to this the child is unable to establish coordination between the brain and the other body parts.

Dyslexia is both a genetic as well as a hereditary disability that may pass on to the progeny. Moreover, this disability is more common in males than females because of its genetic origin.

Identifying the early symptoms

Finding out early if your child is suffering from dyslexia is very important. Because, the situation can be handled quite fairly in the initial days of the childhood. So it is advisable to look in for the common symptoms of dyslexia to confirm whether your child is suffering from this learning disability or not.

If the child is suffering from dyslexia, one common symptom that he would display is lack in good or even average spelling skills. For children with this learning disability to spell even a common word would be a difficult task. The child will also be poor in mathematics and understanding equations. They will generally remain confused between directions and differentiate between left and right. Since their brain is not properly organized they will be unable to follow and understand even the simplest of the instructions. Such children remain unorganized throughout their life.

There is a hope

But these kids are not insane; they are at par with other children having average IQ children. Though, they are poor with language-skills, they are quite talented in other activities like music, sports, and dramatic art. Also, these children are usually lazy and careless about themselves, their belongings and display certain behavioral problems.

So the efforts of the parents here remain to unleash their hidden talents and nourish their carriers accordingly.

Helping The Child

There are certain ways in which you can help your dyslexic child to lead a normal life. The first important step in this direction is to talk to your child as much as you can. Make him understand why he is not like the other children around him. The sooner he understands this fact, the better and easier it will be for him to cope with this difficult world.

All in all, you should be very supportive with dyslexic children. Understand their strengths and highlight them for giving them a better life. In doing this, you can also take the help of occupational therapy. A medical professional can be of great help in coping with this child.