Words Creating Learning Disabilities

Learning is an essential part of one's life and it happens throughout life. In ADHD[attention deficit hyperactive disorder], the spinal column of child is out of order which disables the brain to certain level and the child has difficulty in learning or assimilating information that may be easy for other children. It is usually caused by neurological factors, which includes abnormal functioning of the brain due to faulty structure or hormonal imbalance.

You have to focus on spinal column in ADHD case as it needs to be aligned. The main problem in ADHD case is that when spine is interrupted, the chemical in brain called omega 3 does not reach its destination. Since Omega 3 has fatty acids which enhance lipids in structure membrane. In ADHD case, retina is defaulted which means that the sensory membrane which aligns eyes deviates from equilibrium. When retina gets affected, normal stimulus in brain becomes faulty and this affects brain causing learning disability. The words like verbs, nouns etc are affected and the ultimate effect comes on speech.

Improper words are responsible for improper actions and such person is believed to be a blot on the society. The person with ADHD interprets words in a wrong way, even affecting the career of the person drastically. The cases with ADHD have hearing problems as well as having problems in other areas of brain too. That is the reason that they find it difficult to decipher most conversations.

You have to look in details of the problem. ADD[attention deficit disorder] does not involve physical and mental ailments in general and it is only a learning disability. The person reacts to a certain behavior and in this case the person acts out of impulse. Vitamin like concentrated omega 3 is a powerful drug for such cases as it supports central nervous system as well as cardiovascular and immunity system and cures heart problems.