When Disability Befalls, It Doesn’t Differentiate Between Poor And Rich And Famous!

A physical or even cerebral disability need not necessarily be a deterrent to success. History has proved this over and over again. As long as the human spirit and motivations are high, people have succeeded almost in every endeavor, in spite of their handicap. The American history itself begins with a fine example at the time of signing of the Declaration of Independence. Stephen Hopkins was one of its signatories and suffered from palsy causing his hands to shake. However, at the time of signing the Declaration of Independence he said, "My hand may shake but my heart does not."

Famous persons with disabilities have come from all walks of life, be it actors, politicians, writers, poets, musicians, singers, sports persons, athletes, doctors, scientists, engineers and architects - you name it and history would have an example of a famous person from that field.

People who made history may include Moses, Aristotle, Isaac Newton, and Lewis Carol suffering from stuttering. It is said that Demosthenes, the great Greek orator from ancient Greece practiced speaking with pebbles in his mouth to improve his articulation. And to increase the volume of his voice, he would shout above the ocean waves.

Famous people who stuttered from recent history include Marilyn Monroe, and Winston Churchill. Marilyn Monroe's breathy way of speaking was actually her way of treating her stutter. It seems that she had been taught by her speech coach to use a breathy and effective speaking style with exaggerated mouth movements to control her stuttering.

Winston Churchill was considered a very good orator in Parliament in spite of the fact that he stuttered. He would go to great lengths to avoid and hide his stutter. He prepared his speeches with a great deal of effort and well in advance. He would then memorize them backwards and forward to practice them out fully. Before delivering his speech, he would discreetly hum to himself to exercise his vocal cords and get them vibrating.

Some great actors and actresses have had some form of disability or the other. For instance, Sandy Duncan had vision disability, Lou Ferrigno had hearing disability, Annette Funicello suffered multiple sclerosis, Katherine Hepburn had Parkinson's disease, Mary Tyler Moore was inflicted with diabetes and had problems with alcohol, Patricia Neal suffered stroke, Richard Pryor too had multiple sclerosis, Sammy Davis, Jr. had vision disability and cancer, Danny Glover suffered from epilepsy and Marlee Matlin was deaf.

The list of names of the famous people with disability is endless. The main thing to remember by reading about famous people with disabilities is that one can draw inspiration especially those with similar challenges. In fact even others who are fortunate not to have any major disability can also be inspired to achieve more than what they have presently.