What Counts As A Disability?

How can you know if you are a disabled person and avail the benefits provided for the disabled? Well! For this, there is a Disability Discrimination Act. As per the act, if you are unable to carry out normal day-to-day activities because of your physical or mental 'impairment', you will be considered as disabled.

At the same time, how your impairment limits your ability is important in deciding whether you are counted as disabled for the purposes of the law. Here, are some kinds of ability. If your condition impairs one or more of these, you will be considered as disabled:

They are as follows:

* Continence (being in full control of body functions, such as passing urine)
* Being able to lift, carry or move everyday objects
* Speech, hearing or eyesight
* Memory or ability to concentrate, learn or understand
* Being aware of the risk of physical danger
* Mobility
* Manual dexterity (using your hands)
* Physical co-ordination

If you are unable to carry out any one of them, you will be considered a disabled person.