Vans For Handicap

Vans for handicap are designed for the utmost comfort of those having mobility disabilities with features installed that make the vans superb for utility. Vans for handicap reduce the cumbersome and irritating journey in a vehicle by a handicapped person, in a crawled manner.

The physical disability of any kind makes things tougher for the disabled person. With the various adaptive environments being introduced for them as per their rights and disability law and high quality assistance devices for disabled persons to encourage independent living by making life easier and safer, the assistive technology was introduced for mobility aids. Among various devices, like the wheelchair, walker, and disability scooters; the vans have also proved to be of great use.

There are new vans for handicap coming up day by day with better facilities to provide more ease in their usage and companies like Ford, Chevy, Caravan, Braun, IMS, Bruno, Harmar, Ricon, Drive Master and alike have launched adaptive vehicles for them.

Here are some of the models with adapted equipment inserted in the vans:

A) A Red 2006 Ford E-250: Tuscany conversion has made this full-size van for the handicapped. It is a true luxury vehicle.

B) 2006 Chevy Uplander: This wheelchair accessible vehicle features include features like a 12" lowered floor, manual door, quick release seats and manual sliding door.

C) 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan SE: A Nice Mag Pearl 2006 Grand Caravan with features facilitated for disability is perfect in looks and assessors. This new conversion is very attractive and priced marginally right.