Understanding The Psyche Of Those Suffering From Learning Disability

Students endure learning disabilities. They do not express. But, they find it rather difficult to understand words. The reason is their brain decodes things in a different way compared to other people.

Research has given phonemic tools. These are computer related learning tools. Children with learning disabilities have shown progress because of these learning tools. These tools help develop learning strategies.

Phonemic tools show pictorial tutoring. This process is coupled with easy words. The child, who is more enthusiastic to learn words, is prone to disability to a greater extent. Some experts say mental ailments prevent children to learn. The actual problem is between child and education. The child does not grasp words with improper definition. This happens with every child with learning disabilities.

I worked with a woman, with bipolar maniac depression, for more than one year. I found that the woman was eager to learn. The woman had logic for her disability. Lack of self-confidence was her only problem. Her self-esteem did not want her to believe in her logic. She was a school dropout. She was a person who had power to raise her voice.

The depressed woman was intelligent. She lacked some developed qualities. This is the reason she could not judge her abilities. She wanted attention. This is the thing that I always noticed in her. She had vacuum in her. She wanted superficial love from everyone.

She even accepted abuses from people. This woman had a flawed personality. The personality disorder was her main problem, apart from depression. She was emotionally scared. My observations told me this woman could learn, despite her disability.

In emotional scare, emotions take control of the mind of the person. The person has to reduce stress to learn. You cannot learn if the mind is in chaos. Mental illness has many symptoms. The bipolar patients can learn because they are that severe [hard nuts]. One thing to notice in such cases is they fail to know the importance of learning. The reason is they feel they cannot offer much. It is important ADHD [attention deficit hyperactivity disorder] cases.

ADHD cases show lack of attention. These cases burst out when in strange manner. They show hyperactive behaviors. ADHD case cannot make out his behavior. They can hurt your feelings. Studies show mind of ADHD case races 90 miles per hour. These people learn by observation. You can observe a new learning strategy in ADHD cases. You, too, will discover new truths.