Treating Mental Disability: Anxiety And Panic Attacks

Anxiety is a state of mind that can result in other disorders and sufferings in your life. The general outcome of constant anxiety is panic attacks. Such attacks generally leave a long-term impact on the life and personality of a person and therefore they have been rightly categorized in the category of mental disability. It demeans a person’s ability to perform basic tasks in life and also takes away cheer from his life.

Panic attacks caused due to anxiety makes a person disabled as it makes him feel helpless and distressed. Such a person prefers to remain alone, which eventually leads him into depression. All these developments reduce one’s confidence and gradually the zeal in life.

Panic attacks are characterized by various symptoms. Of which panting is the most common and well pronounced. In such a state a person becomes breathless and his heart rate increases considerably. He may have severe headache and may also vomit frequently.

Besides, in a person suffering from panic attack, you will also sense some kind of fear around him. He would fear and get scared of anything around him, be it a chair or his beloved pet at home. So whenever you encounter such symptoms in a person near you, you should immediately consult a good medical practitioner and get him treated.

Onset of panic attack is not a big disorder if taken care of in time. The developments in this type of disability are quite reversible, if following correct advices. Many different medications are available for treating such conditions successfully, and they also prevent a further fall.

The treatment options for panic attacks can be broadly divided in two main categories: allopathic medications and a series of alternative treatments. Both treatments are equally beneficial but due to considerable side effects of allopathic medications, more and more people are considering the option of alternative treatments.

Be it an allopathic treatment or any form or alternative therapy, you should always consult a good medical practitioner before putting your hands on any of these treatments. An allopathic treatment will involve the consumption of various medicines in the form of syrups, tablets and pills. Due to the chemical make-up of these medicines, sometimes they affect other vital organs of the body as well.

So by considering this fact, you can safely benefit yourself with the help of various alternative treatments. One of the best alternative cures is the relaxation therapy. Relaxation therapy predominantly involves several breathing exercises that help you manage your breathing process. This process in turn helps you relieve stress and anxiety. The best part about relaxation therapy is that it has no side effects.

Another therapy which is very good in curing panic attacks is the cognitive behavioral therapy. This therapy involves a little complicated principle. It says that our thoughts are so powerful that they are equipped to change our reactions in the subconscious level. Thus in a broader perspective it is a brain training therapy that helps us to block our negative thoughts and cure anxiety.

Besides, the contemporary alternative treatments like practicing of yoga and meditation also bring quite a considerable relief in the suffering due to panic attacks. Even general physical activity like going out on brisk walk, jogging or hitting the gym have positive effects on your disability caused due to panic attacks.