The Handicapped Take Part And Excel In Sports

People may tend to think that sports and handicapped people are two things that cannot be compatible.  This is because of the fact that when we think about the handicapped people, the first thing that usually comes to our mind is their inability to participate in sports.

The popular notion is that all forms of sports, especially outdoor sports require the total use and involvement of physical faculties.

However, the situation is not as  hopeless for the handicapped, as we may think. They can  actually play almost all games, provided that the games are modified to accommodate them. There are many gadgets, which enables them to take part in any game. Many handicapped people take part in tough games such as soccer and basketball. Recently, a handicapped American teenager made news when he gave an outstanding performance in a game of basketball.

Of course, indoor games are probably more suitable for the handicapped people. With some help, they can easily take part in games such as billiards and table tennis. A disabled person playing or taking part in games, indoor or outdoor is not a new phenomenon.

They have been taking part in games since a long time. A number of  international sports events and meets are held solely for the benefit of the handicapped. A large number of professional coaches assist the handicapped to play these games.

Many countries have associations that hold sporting events for the handicapped. One of the most prominent games the disabled people take part in is skiing. There are scores of associations worldwide that help them in taking part in skiing.

Paralympic committees the world over have played a substantial role in promoting various sports programs for the handicapped people. These committees organize many bi-annual, annual and other sporting events for the benefit of the disabled athletes.

Many handicapped players have availed the opportunities and performed beyond their limitations in enviable on-field feats and in the process, have become household names all over the world.