Special Measures For Special Children

There is no greater joy than helping somebody learn a new task. And if the learner happens to be a 'special child' then the joy is compounded. After all, seeing that child perform a task which might have once seemed impossible for him is a big high.

In fact, I think that all public places should be made disabled-friendly. The same applies for schools as well. Building of ramps and alike activities are some very obvious helps that we can provide. However, there are steps that we can take inside the classrooms that would make their lives easy. Some of them could be:

* Firstly, we ought to extend all our help and support to the schools for these special children. Whenever they take any initiative, it should be encouraged.

* In classrooms, these kids can be provided with special seating arrangements as per their comfort.

* The teaching assignments can also be modified to suit them.

* They should be permitted the use of special equipment designed to simplify their lives. For eg.- talking calculators and electronic spellers and dictionaries.

* Also readers and note-takers should be allowed to provide assistance to them.

And I am sure the satisfaction that you will receive out of it will be totally unmatched.