Running: A Cure For Old Age Disability

Life must be wonderful not only in terms of its length but also in terms of quality. But seemingly it is yet to dawn upon most of the world. We keep on letting the life pass waiting for something to hurl us into the gurgling river of living. And then one day we find ourselves flowing into the great unknown without having fully lived for most of our lives.

Isn't that amazing? Sitting before the computer fiddling with the key board, writing a few words and reading many- that's how our office time goes by. Going home, talking very little to your wife you doze off. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west everyday. And the life flows by.

A sedentary lifestyle has some very telling effects on your physical and mental health. Your body tends to get out of gear and so does your mind. People who lead such lives are more likely to be depressed than those who spend it more actively. Besides, even the old age is kinder to the active. But unfortunately, people don't seem to realize it as much as they should, or may be they do realize it but still don't act upon good advice. Age brings with it a lot many problems including disabilities. These disabilities are age related disabilities and can be avoided if proper care is taken.

Most of the Americans over the age of 70 cannot even walk fast, let alone run. Neither can they lift 25 pounds of weight. Common home chores involving moving or lifting of weight is beyond their physical strength. It has got little to with old age, by the way, as those who are regular runners could do it all rather effortlessly. So, what keeps you active is the activity itself. If you have been active, you'll remain so for a long time and if you have been lazy, the laziness will eat into your strength making weaker by the day.

The key, therefore, is to keep oneself active. This is no gym-talk, it was found by the same study that said running and brisk walking helped a great deal in making oneself fit. The chances of one's suffering from the disabilities caused due to age are reduced to a very large extent, as the body is fitter and fights aging better. So, if you are yet to decide whether or not you can sneak in jogging in your already packed schedule, I advise that you drop a few so-called 'important' things to make room for it simply because nothing in life is more important than good health.